Want to Wrestle in College? Here are 10 steps to succeed.

Want to wrestle in College? Here are the 10 steps to succeed.

Your going to need to start this process Sophomore year, finalizing early your Senior year. Colleges are selecting their recruits earlier and earlier, so do not hesitate to make some early decisions.

1st Step– Take Your ACT and SAT (you should have already taken your PSAT) and any AP tests. Take them MORE THAN ONCE NO MATTER WHAT.

2nd Step. Sign Up for your NCAA Eligibility.  JUNIOR YEAR

NCAA Clearing House




3rd Step– Create your FAFSA pin




4th Step– Fill out your FAFSA financial Aid Information.



5th– Fill out your college application (early), Cannot help you with this as it is your choice. Go and visit the colleges of your choice starting your Sophomore year.


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Or any other University or College of your choice.


6th Step- Sign up for this FREE site to search for scholarships, contests, and Grants to pay for college. This is why you went to high school to learn how to write essays.




7th Step– Go to Be-Recruited (Sign up for the FREE account) unless you want more information then sign up for the pay version which tells you what coaches are interested in you.

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8th Step-Stay active in all school activities, clubs, sports. the more you can do to pay it forward the better. GET INVOLVED. Volunteer, participate, and keep up your grades.

Remember Woody Hayes and his 3 pillars of success, “1st-HARDWORK /TEAM WORK, 2nd-EDUCATION, and 3rd-PAY IT FORWARD (help others)”.

9th Step- Finalize all paperwork, make sure that everything is submitted on time.

10th Step-Wait for the letters of acceptance to flood into your mail box. Do not say NO to any coach until you are sure.  A bird in the hand (the college that wants you) is worth more than two birds in a bush (the colleges that don’t want you but you want to go there).


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